Local Authors Event

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So last weekend was a busy one. I had my first public event as an author at my local library in Crawley. Twenty-two authors (including me) turned up to set out tables with books, posters, business cards and bookmarks. We had the opportunity to discuss our books with library readers and sign copies for those that purchased. Around 100 people came through the doors. This was the first time that Crawley Library had hosted such an event,  although they have hosted many other author literary events.

It was quite an experience for me as not only did I have the chance to sell and sign copies of House of Grace but I was also able to meet and chat to other local authors. A good day was had by all.



What else have I been up to?

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I am still working on the Coal Miner’s Son, the second in the series of the trilogy of House of Grace.
I’ve also been featured as a guest on a couple of blogs the last few days. The first was as Debut Spotlight on Shaz’s Book Blog

and yesterday my Swanwick Story was featured on author Elizabeth Hurst’s blog.

Thank you to Sharon and Liz for allowing me space on their blogs.

Another project keeping me busy is my weekly poem slot on Oapschat. Do check out Oapschat’s lifestyle section.

Thank you, Oapschat for publishing my poems each week.

And in other news: I’m feeling quite elated on the birth of  my new grandson yesterday morning.

More on the Penta Decima

Here’s our latest addition to the Penta Decima from Maxine Rose Munro. Thank you, Maxine, for sharing, For a Given Value with us.

If anyone else would like to attempt a Penta Decima and share it, please feel free to add in comments or email me on patricia.m.osbornewriter@gmail.com and I’ll add it to the blog.

Maxine’s Poem. 

Hey, Patricia! Below is my effort. Some flaws, including a slant rhyme (though in my defence there is a full rhyme in the same line, more if you count my slight overuse of the word “can”!). Bit of a word play one, but was a highly enjoyable exercise. Thanks for encouraging everyone to give it a go.

For a Given Value

For a given value of ok, I am.
If we ignore insults and injuries
to my person, I’m just fine.

Fine to get a move on and
kickstart the day, fine to face
that music and dance.

Despite it all, I think still I can
paint a smile on, I have kept
necessary supplies always

close at hand, I can pretend
it’s real as real can be. Honest
to god, I promise.

But it’s a lie. (to tell the truth)
So, now, I wonder – how the hell
are you? (for a given value?)



Hi everyone

Well I am still working on my draft, Monochrome, in my new invented form the Penta Decima. How are you getting on with it?

Daniel Crowley has taken to this form very well. Here’s his early draft.


She’s like a dolphin coursing through the sea-
though the waves are rough she stays on course,
her heart is set upon her highest goal.

And all that matters in this to me,
is that she finds her way despite the wrecks
which litter life at every point.

She made her choice to live completely free
of ties which might hold her down,
so every time she’s trapped she races

to the highest points by which she
navigates, to find the way ahead-
her family of dolphins follow close by.

I hope she never looks back too far,
her path is now one of forward drive
which might fail to be her guiding star.

Daniel Crowley (2017)


Colin Ward author of his debut novel To Die For

has also had an attempt  using the rules, and then experimented within them. And what a great attempt it is, wouldn’t you agree?

The Final Fight

Darkness: do not betray me now
Sink me amidst your velvet swirls
And mask me in mystery

Shadows: hold back your furrowed brow
Embrace me in your bordered reach
Don’t hide your sworn sympathy

Night time: be light in fear somehow
Spare me the peace of silent bliss
So truth might lose sincerity

Blindness: never forget your vow
Open my ears to freedom sounds
And guide me to new clarity

So that my soul might season a new sight
As each obstacle crosses a cruel fate
And no single battle may weaken my final fight.

(Draft 1)


I’d love to hear what you think of Colin’s and Daniel’s poems.

Here’s a reminder of the rules if you’d like to give one a go yourself too.


Rules of the Penta Decima

A Penta Decima consists of:

15 lines.

5 stanzas written in tercets.

The first line of the first four stanzas rhyme with each other.

First and third line rhyme in the final stanza.

The lines are not syllable controlled so offer freedom.









Inventing a Poetry Form at Swanwick

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This year at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School, Alison Chisholm (Poet, Judge and Tutor) set us the theme of working with seasons of the year on a four-hour Poetry Course.

Have you ever thought about inventing your own poetry form? Well that’s the task Alison set us on Tuesday for the spring season, using a prompt – New Beginnings.

Not wanting to be beaten, I stayed up half the night on Wednesday evening to reach a first draft in the form of my own invention, a Penta Decima.

A Penta Decima consists of: 

15 lines.

5 stanzas written in tercets.

The first line of the first four stanzas rhyme with each other.

First and third line rhyme in the final stanza.

The lines are not syllable controlled so offer freedom.

Here’s my first Penta Decima which is in its very early stages so subject to change but it will give you the idea.

I’d love to hear what you think of this form and feel free to have a go and post your own.


My first Penta Decima   (subject to change)


The 12 x 10 space is cold and bare,

Georgian windows stripped from drapes,

footfalls echo through the house.


A heavy drop reveals a chair,

married up with a double couch,

leather upholstery steals o2.


Muscled men settle a bed on the stair,

they take a deep breath, then heave.

Rooms start to take shape.


A black-framed print boasts a polar bear,

Royal Doulton’s Top Dogs claim the mantelpiece.

Fixtures and fittings form a new I.D.


Today a monochrome mold-

Time to shade in colour, create

tomorrow’s me and throw out the old.


Bamber Street – House of Grace


IMG_2110 (002)

The above picture is local artist Vanessa Cumper’s vision of  the fictional Bamber Street in Wigan from House of Grace .

Find out why this street is featured in House of Grace and if you agree with Vanessa’s vision.

There’s no better time than now as the Kindle version is on special offer for 99p / $1.29 but the clock is ticking…


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Why not make House of Grace your Summer Read


Mrs Jackson has chosen House of Grace as her summer read. Why not make it yours too?

Last week I went to Leamington Spa for a holiday. Unfortunately the rain had other ideas. However, I did manage to get into Stratford-upon-Avon.

First stop was Anne Hathaway’s Cottage where I managed to capture a photograph of my book outside.


Below: – Grace knocking to get inside Anne Hathaway’s cottage


Next stop Shakespeare’s birthplace.

Below: Exterior


And inside…


Let’s make it interesting and see how global Grace can go.

I’m conducting a House of Grace walkabout on Twitter where you can tweet a photo of your copy of my novel at your favourite place or famous landmark. You can choose whether to be in the photo or not.

To join in the Twitter fun – tweet your photo @PMOsbornewriter #Houseof GraceWalkabout

Why make House of Grace your summer read?

Just a few of the feedback comments that have popped into my inbox …

Well my lovely Patricia… What can I say? I’ve just read your book… I thoroughly enjoyed it… a few shocks and surprises too on the way… (Maggie Gallagher)

Thoroughly enjoyed it, couldn’t put it down… (Audrey in France)

Have finished House of Grace, I enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down. I would recommend. (Lesley L)

Loved it. Couldn’t put it down. When’s the next one? (Sue, West Sussex)

Hi Tricia, I’m so enjoying your book. Hope another one is coming out soon. (Elizabeth K, West Sussex)

Read it yourself and see…

It’s available on Amazon Kindle for as little as £1.99 less than a cup of coffee or if you prefer the paperback – only £7.99.

I look forward to seeing all of your tweets. If you don’t use Twitter, share them here or on my facebook page:


Let’s get Grace globetrotting…



House of Grace on Kindle @ 0.99p – Special Promotion

What are you going to be doing this bank holiday? We’re getting such lovely weather at the moment, will it last? How about a good book to read in the garden or park?

As a special treat for the bank holiday I’ve reduced House of Grace on Kindle to 0.99p from Friday, May 26th, 2017 for one week only. Please tell your friends.

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